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Jennifer awoke on a very soft surface, almost like carpet, she could see the others, miley and scarlett were in the corner, emma and natalie were literally on top of her.
"will you two get off!" she ordered as she threw the two off of her.
"ow" shouted emma as she had landed on her back "all you had to do was ask nicely".
"sorry i'm a bit worried, where are we?" she asked as she got to her feet "wow i feel lighter, i can stand without my back hurting".
"so can i" exclaimed natalie as she began to jump up and down.
"so can i!" shouted miley as she and her enormous body began to rise up.
her full girth was seen now, her gut sagged to cover her privates, her thighs were huge and attached to her now huge ass, her breasts sagged and slapped against her belly when she walked.
"My god you're fat" said scarlett as she awoke to the sight of miley's butt.
"well you're all pretty fat" said the large alien queen as she strutted in, this was the first time the girls had ever seen her, she had green skin and crimson hair, she was wearing what looked like a purple bra and skirt, but there was one thing the hologram didn't point out, she was also incredibly fat, her bra and skirt separated in the middle leaving her belly to bulge out.
"wow you're pretty big yourself!" replied scarlett as she got to her feet.
"ah fair enough large one, now you and the other female shall go to the birthing chambers and await the doctors.
"and what about us?" asked emma.
"you'll get to be fed and pampered until your time" replied the queen.
"so they get to be fattened up and we have to sit there with our legs spread until something pops out?" argued scarlett as she waddled towards the queen.
"who said you weren't to be fed, my big friend?" asked the queen as she groped scarlett's belly "the only way the child will leave you is for you to get to your bursting point, that is unless your that fat singer, she got to her bursting point too quickly" retorted the queen.
"can you not call it bursting point? it makes me feel like i'm going to burst instead of give birth" asked scarlett.
"birthing point, does that suffice?" she asked.
Miley and scarlett waddled off and the other three were left with the queen.
"so what are we going to do?" asked emma.
"we shall go to the baths, they shall relieve you of stress" said the queen as she walked through the door into a room with green baths built into the floor.
"wow" said jennifer.
"come and join me" said the queen as she dropped her skirt and bra and was fully naked.
the girls stood and stared at the alien queen, her belly hung down and was lumpy and it looked like it was full of liquid, her breasts stood perky with purple nipples and her big plump ass continued to let rip huge farts.
all four of the girls entered the baths, and they all felt relaxed, but all of their guts floated on the surface of the liquid.
"right so queen, what's in there?" asked natalie as she touched the queen's belly.
the queen began to laugh very loudly "ah well human our species reproduction systems are different, with my race the males fill the females with goo, at least one gallon, me being the queen i had over 300 gallons inside of  me, would you like to see?" she asked.
"what do you mean?" asked emma.
"i am a shapeshifter, i can show you what i looked like" explained the queen as she began to stand up.
"okay here is me before the goo" she said whilst she turned into  lovely curvy female "and this is what i looked like after" she began to bloat out in all directions, she looked like she was going to blow up, she bloated and gurgled like a giant water balloon that was about to burst.
she began huffing and puffing before she shrank.
"so come on it's time to feast!" exclaimed the queen as she turned and began to walk.
when the girls stood up, they realized that they had begun to take pear form, their crotch areas were like giant balls of fat, they found it harder to walk now but they were driven by how hungry they were.
when they went inside they saw an even larger scarlett and miley stuffing their faces with foods.
"what are you doing here?" asked jennifer.
"eating, we need to get ripe before giving birth" said miley as she shoveled more into her fat mouth.
"and by ripe you mean?" asked emma.
"to get as big as we can" replied scarlett.
at this point miley's belly began to rumble, he face began to look frightened, she fell on her back and the girls ran right for her.
she was on her back as her belly violently pushing upwards before it burst open.
the alien's that came out ran straight for the queen before running off.
two doctor robots came in and carried her bloated body away.
"what happened to her?" asked scarlett as she still fed herself.
"it would seem she was carrying warriors, they hate being inside a host, but i'm sure she'll be fine if she gets stitched up" replied the queen.
next scarlett began to rumble, her face began to puff up, her belly began to inflate eventually making her fall onto her back, her belly was still sloshing and gurgling.
"i'm... i'm about to..." she panted before her face became red with pain.
"what's happening!?" shouted natalie.
"belly button... going from outie" panted scarlett seconds before her belly button popped out causing her to sit up again and eat.
she sat there burping, eating and farting, the once slim beautiful woman was now a gassy blob of fat that looked like a giant fat pear.
the other three sat down near scarlett and began eating all kinds of foods like the space whale and the cream of the narlan  giant space cow, the more they ate the fatter they got and eventually after five hours of stuffing they were the same size as scarlett was 5 hours ago.
scarlett was now an even bigger blob of fat that was lying on it's back digesting her meal.
"i noticed that i don't need to take a dump at all, even though i could literally shit for a week?" asked scarlett as she rubbed her belly.
"i can explain that, your bowel is no longer needed after you get to a certain point but after you give birth you are going to need a bathroom" explained the queen.
"well you're gonna need some size of toilet to withstand this" said scarlett as she lay on her side and letting out a fart from her massive rear.
then a burp, then a fart, then she began to jolt forward, belly first, she began to scream.
"what is happening to me!" she shouted grabbing her ginormous belly.
"doctors!" shouted the queen, as she shouted to doctor robots came rushing in "take this one to the birthing room".
the robot acknowledged their orders but when they tried to lift scarlett, they couldn't.
scarlett was in extreme pain "Just roll me you fucking idiots" she shouted.
they began to roll her but that only put her in more pain as her aching gut squished against the floor.
she was rushed to the maternity room where miley had just walked out from.
"what's wrong with blobberella?" asked miley.
"she's about to give birth" replied the queen.
Jennifer had only noticed this but miley had a giant scar across her belly, most likely where the alien had burst out from.
"why were you in there so long?" asked jennifer as she was still eating.
"well they put all my guts back in me then sealed me up pretty quickly but i had to empty my load if you know what i mean, but now we're this size forever" replied miley.
"i'm prepared for that, i mean i like some meat on my bones" said natalie as she shoveled more food into her mouth.
"well lardass you look like you're about to burst" said emma as she looked at natalie.
the three continued to eat until as if in synch their belly buttons all popped making the girls groan and moan.
"this should be good, this is when your appetite gets stronger" explained miley as she shifted her bloated body to a seat.
after 3 hours of feeding the girls were finally at their birthing points, emma was absolutely in pain, jennifer had her legs spread and her lower section was red raw and natalie was sobbing with pain.
"we can't move you to the birthing room, you'll have give birth here" said the queen as she moved closer to the girls.
"no problem!" shouted natalie as she instantly gave birth to a small alien and then a second later another and then she fell on her back exhausted.
emma was next, she screamed and screamed as the alien began pushing it's way out of her vagina.
"SOMEBODY HOLD MY BLOODY HAND!" she screamed as she grabbed natalie's hand and fired out one huge fat alien along with some goo. jennifer was last and her vagina was being torn apart, tear were streaming down her face which was red with pain, she gave birth to the first two almost instantly and the queen was now coming, her giant head gave jennifer much pain as she pushed as hard as she could and eventually the queen slid out and like the others jennifer lay on her back as her offspring went over to the queen, they looked as if they were adults.
"well done girls, you will be dropped off on your planet as soon as possible, come on my babies" exclaimed the queen as she began to walk away with her offspring.
Miley got up off her fat ass and looked at the girl's downstairs area.
"wow those things really messed you're pies up darlings, you may never give birth again" giggled miley as she looked at the vaginas in front of her.
"i wouldn't agree on that" squealed jennifer as her stomach began to rumble.
Emma began to groan and moan as did natalie, their legs spread again, as did their butts.
"oh shi..." began miley only for feces to be fired at her from three different balls of fat.
Scarlett waddled into the room to see miley's fat ass just stand there and when she turned around she could see the shit had covered most of her belly, breasts and her neck.
Scarlett began to laugh hysterically and her belly jiggled furiously.

as the queen promised the girls returned home and began to live their lives as morbidly obese blobs, each of them was fine with their new lifestyle as they could eat all they want, and never get any bigger.



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